For the spiritual seeker who is ready for more alignment, intuition, and magic in 2024... 

Get Clarity, Find Your Purpose, and Create A Life You Love


You are here for a reason. In The Clarity Course, you will:

  • Use ancient wisdom and Vision Quest practices to get clear on your life path and discover your unique purpose for being on this planet
  • Learn how to easily connect to your True Self and receive its intuitive guidance whenever you want
  • Create a vision for your life and your year that's so compelling it reignites your excitement about daily life
  • Go deeper into alignment than you've ever gone before
  • Shift into your Highest Timeline where you can create a life you love with joy and ease
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"This was an amazing experience. I realized how precious our time here on Earth really is and got present with what I want to experience and what kind of adventures my soul craves. I could finally see the bigger picture instead of getting lost in the minutiae of day-to-day responsibilities. I connected with the things that matter and let go of the things that do not. 

Going through this experience changed my whole perspective on life. This process allowed so much love and light to flood in and I started dreaming big again. I'm already seeing magic happening in so many unexpected ways in my life.

I wake up now full of anticipation, ready to be in awe and wonder of what the day will bring. It's like fairy dust has been sprinkled over everything and I'm just so grateful. I know what's important to me and I've started 'doing' rather than just dreaming."

- Katie Rose, Canada

If you don't have a life you love, you simply lack clarity. Clarity opens the door to an ongoing sense of purpose, joy, and vitality in life. If you want an epic 2024, you need to be 100% clear on exactly:

  • Who You Are at a soul level. I'm not talking about your name, your past, your accomplishments, or anything else, but the unique, soul frequency that is the Real You. When you know how to tap into that and express it through the vehicle of your body each day, life becomes magical.
  • Where you are in life. This is about becoming grounded in REALITY. It's so easy for spiritual seekers to get into fantasy, hope, and wishful thinking. And if you "just believe" too hard, you might convince yourself that you're somewhere you're not. How would you rate your current body, bank account, and relationship right now? If they're not what you want, chances are, you're not clear on where you, what you want, and how you're going to get there.
  • What your true nature is. It's easy to say, "I'm a spiritual being, I'm spirit, I'm unlimited, etc", but the simple truth is, any time you feel stuck in life, it's because you're no longer clear on what your true nature is. When this clarity is in place, you're no longer held back by fear.
  • What you're here to do on this planet. Without absolute clarity on what you're here for, people tend to be constantly reacting to life, rather than consciously creating their life from a place of joy. When clarity here is achieved, there's no more wondering, doubt, or distraction. This clarity fuels a rapid alignment to all areas of life.
  • What your path forward is. I don't mean figuring it out on your own based on what's likely and based on your expectations from the past. I'm talking about connecting deeply to your Source and Intuition and having a clear path forward that lights you up and brings you joy each day.

If you're lacking clarity in any of these areas, you probably feel stuck in life and a little adrift. Come join us inside The Clarity Course. It's Pay What You Wish, and you'll get absolute clarity on YOUR unique answers to each of the explorations above, you'll reset any areas of life that feel stuck, and you'll craft a plan for an epic 2024.

New here? Here's what to expect:

Misty White

"The training here is so incredibly valuable - prepare for a life changing experience. THIS is the learning we all need right now."

Petra Munyard

"Learning with Nagendra has been an ongoing discovery and a deeper experience of my own divinity and the beautiful tangible connection we have to the world around us."

April Henderson

"Nagendra's classes have helped me open up to miracles and the magic around us. It has been life changing! What I've gotten is so much more magical than I could have imagined."

Are You Ready To Get Clear, Find Your Purpose, and Create A Life You Love?

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