Everything you want in life can be achieved, when you step outside the limits of your mind.

You're here for a reason. Learn to let go of all limitations and discover a life of profound purpose, presence, and peace.

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Learn how to let go of all limitations and step into a life of magic.

We help advanced spiritual seekers become who they were meant to be so that they can create lives of purpose, peace, and ongoing miracles.

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There is nothing wrong with you. This is the essence of the New Earth spirituality. This is the awareness that you are already perfect and whole and pure.

How could you be otherwise? You are part of the Divine Mind itself. You are It. You are what you've been seeking all along.

This ego-dissolving idea is the beginning of awakening. The ego wants to hold on to ideas of unworthiness, brokenness, separateness, and shame, but none of these are true.

The New Earth spirituality invites you to transcend the past. It reminds you that in every moment, you can start anew. Right now, you can enter a state of grace, the slate wiped clean, and start creating what's most important to you in life because there is nothing holding you back.

The past is irrelevant. It matters not whether you succeeded yesterday or failed. Yesterday is gone. Who you were yesterday no longer exists.
This moment is a new beginning and a new world. The only question that matters in this present moment of creation is: what do you want to create?

Leave the past in the past, connect to that deepest desire of your heart, and let it guide you into a new reality.

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NEW: Things I Learned From A Shaman (That Can Change Your Life)

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If you'd like early-access to the first SEVEN episodes of the new podcast, click below to listen! It's free, and I'd love to hear your biggest takeaways as you go along. You can also submit requests for future episodes!

Episode 1: What Happens When You Meet A Shaman
Episode 2: Transforming The Human Machine
Episode 3: Shamanic Shock Therapy
Episode 4: Change Your Life With Animal Medicine
Episode 5: Connecting To Your Higher Self
Episode 6: The Leap Into Infinity
Episode 7: Reading People's Minds

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