Full Moon Spirit Animal Series: Giraffe Medicine

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Intuition, higher perspectives, freedom from the Matrix

Join our team of Dive Explorers for a full moon deep dive into animal medicine and magic. On July 2nd during the full moon, we'll be connecting to Giraffe medicine. Giraffe has many lessons to teach around rising above the drama of day-to-day life and living in alignment with your True Self. Giraffe will show you how to connect to higher perspectives and the higher states of consciousness that intuition comes from so that you can follow your heart in the direction of your dreams.

Following the Deep Dive, we'll have an integrative shamanic masterclass further exploring how to use this powerful medicine in our daily life.

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Mystery School LIVE: The Pure Source Retreat

January 04 - 06, South Bend, IN


Our New Year's retreat will take you deeper into the experience of Pure Source than you've ever gone before so that you can easily manifest the most aligned, most magical year you've ever had.

The intention of the retreat is to help you remove all blocks to Pure Source and learn to enter the state of non-dual Oneness from which all things are possible. From there, you'll manifest the year of your dreams.

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