New Earth School - Welcome Week

May 7 - 13

Increase the JOY in your life. Join us for Welcome Week as we officially kick off the New Earth School community. Learn a simple intuitive approaches to meditation and take part in our 7-day "increase the joy" challenge.

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"I am deeply loved" - a Deep Dive experience

Replays available.

Experience a love so profound it will automatically set you free. The truth is, you are infinitely loved, infinitely lovable, and infinitely loving. Now, let's learn how to experience that simple truth.

It's amazing what our cosmic consciousness is capable of creating when we focus it into pure frequencies and vibrations, like that of being deeply loved.

This will be a Healing Deep Dive experience. You'll learn how to drop all of your blocks to love and be free.

If you've already done the Deep Dive training with us, come join us, the event is free!

Or if you need to go through the Deep Dive Fundamentals pre-training (it's just $1), find it at the link below. A "Deep Dive" is a way to go beyond meditation and directly experience profound and healing states of consciousness. Even people who don't like to meditate are finding that Deep Dives are simple, fun, and mind-blowingly effective.

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Jaguar Medicine

Replays available.

Walk Your Path, Reclaim Your Power, Activate Your Magical Potential

Join our team of Dive Explorers for a full moon deep dive into animal medicine and magic. On March 7th during the full moon, we'll be connecting to Jaguar medicine. Jaguar has many lessons to teach around fully stepping into your purpose and power. Jaguar will lead you into embracing your gifts and finding within you everything you need to create anything and everything you want in life. Following the Deep Dive, we'll have a 1-hr integration class further exploring how to use this powerful medicine in our daily life.

Join for just $27.

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The Power of Gratitude - a Deep Dive experience

Replays available.

We believe gratitude can change the world. But it's more than just listing 3 things you're grateful for each morning.

Enter the frequency of gratitude so profoundly that it lifts all your resistances to aliveness and joy. Learn how to have gratitude transform your world.


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