Full Moon Spirit Animal Series: Giraffe Medicine

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Intuition, higher perspectives, freedom from the Matrix

Join our team of Dive Explorers for a full moon deep dive into animal medicine and magic. On July 2nd during the full moon, we'll be connecting to Giraffe medicine. Giraffe has many lessons to teach around rising above the drama of day-to-day life and living in alignment with your True Self. Giraffe will show you how to connect to higher perspectives and the higher states of consciousness that intuition comes from so that you can follow your heart in the direction of your dreams.

Following the Deep Dive, we'll have an integrative shamanic masterclass further exploring how to use this powerful medicine in our daily life.

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The Quantum Shift Retreat

January 13 - 14, South Bend, IN


This 2-day retreat will jumpstart your new year and realign your life with what is truly important and what really matters. Go on a journey deep within yourself towards your personal authentic HOLY GRAIL! Utilizing Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation, Journaling, and other ancient techniques in innovative ways; you will be aligning your mind & heart, to walk your talk and step into BEING your highest self. During the 2-day kickoff, you will set into motion your personalized 40-day plan to quantum shift into The NEW YOU!

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