Advanced Breathwork Fundamentals 🌬️

Here's a process for you that you can pretty much do anywhere, anytime, and it will instantly make you feel better.

But to get started, let's take a look at the big picture. Most people aren't deeply happy in life, fulfilled, and freely going for their dreams. And what I've observed is that in 100 out of 100 of the cases when someone isn't creating a life they love, there's only one reason. 

The mind.

Your mind is what's always there when you're not happy. It's what's always on when you don't feel free. It's what's constantly active when you feel stuck in life. It's the only thing you can hear when you stop yourself. It's what's always whispering in your ear when you decide you're not _____ enough. 

Now, the mind is very quick to project the blame "out there", and it will tell you, "No really! You just don't have the time, you don't have the energy, you don't have the money, you're not that kind of person, it wouldn't work out anyways, that's just the way life is, etc, etc, etc."

Does any of that sound familiar?

So when it gets right down to it, the ONLY reason someone isn't finding and being intuitively guided into creating an extraordinary life is because...

They aren't in control of their mind!

Instead, the mind is in control of them.

Before we continue, check in with me here. This is absolutely true, isn't it?!

Your mind is the ONLY thing in existence that can really stop you from being the person you want to be and creating the life that you want.

To make matters worse, controlling the mind is almost impossible. It takes a lifetime of dedication, discipline, and hardwork, and even then, it might not happen. Nothing can control the mind!

Well, almost nothing...

The ancient shamans and yogis observed that the mind follows the breath. If you can control the breath, you can control the mind.

Here's a quick experiment. Just become aware of your breathing for the next 5 seconds. Don't try to change it or do anything to it, just become aware of it. Ready? Here we go:






Ok, did you do it? What happened?

I'll share my daughter's experience of what you just did from earlier today...

I dropped off my son for his early-morning cello class. He's got to be at school at 7:30am on Thursdays, so after that, I have 30 minutes to do something with the other two kids before they get dropped off. We decided to go get a quick bite at the local coffee shop, and on the way there, I noticed my daughter was feeling a bit down. 

We chatted a bit, then I asked her if she ever pays attention to her breathing, and she said no. So I invited her to pay attention to her breath for a few seconds and see what happens.

She tried it out and right away said that her breathing slows down. I asked her to keep going and notice any changes and about 5 seconds later she said she was feeling better.

So I told her to keep playing with it and see what happens. By the time we got to the coffee shop, this pre-teen had completely transformed!

When the mind is control, and you aren't creating the life you want, that just means the unconscious mind and default programming has taken over. When you're conscious, you're the one in control and you automatically start creating a life you love. 

The problem, again, is that becoming conscious and free seems like hard work! 

And it is, unless you let the breath take you there.

So one of the foundational pieces of breathwork is Conscious Breathing. I know that may sound like common sense, but common sense isn't always practice.

Quick check-in - are you still breathing consciously?!

By breathing consciously, we become conscious. We take our minds and our lives off of autopilot. And if we'll go deep into it, profound shifts begin taking place. We can learn to purge ourselves of stress and anxiety, heal, integrate things from the past, liberate ourselves from the control of the mind, and ultimately, create lives that we love.

Now I told you that we were going to explore ADVANCED breathwork fundamentals. You've got the basic process - conscious breathing - now let's take it to the next level.

Someone once asked the Buddha how to become enlightened and his answer was, "Watch your breath."

That's it. 

So how do we make sense of this? 

If you watch your breath, or become conscious of your breath, it's like it opens an energetic door. The longer you watch your breath, the more it shifts your state. You slow down, you become more aware. Eventually, you start becoming aware of sensation and energy. 

And once you become aware of energy, you're able to follow that energy back to its Source.

So the breath will lead you back to God / Kundalini / Shakti / the All / Liberation / Christ Consciousness, and everything else that your soul longs to experience.

In watching the breath, you discover the Source of the I. The great yogic sage Ramana Maharshi's entire teaching was to meditate on the Source of the I, which naturally happens as you practice Conscious Breathing. He said that one practice alone would lead to liberation.

The breath is an incredibly powerful thing, and it holds many secrets. The problem for most people though is that they're not just breathing unconsciously, they're breathing improperly.

Unconscious and improper breathing doesn't just dissipate your ability to control your mind and create the life you want, it's actually hard on your health. 

It raises stress levels, increases disease-causing inflammation, can cause your weight to be outside of your control, ruins your sleep, and a whole lot more…

There's TONS of scientific research out there happening right now about the benefits of proper breathing and breathwork. I won't get into all of that now, but there are some KEY indicators that you're breathing improperly.

I’ll share them here as a quick self-test so you KNOW if you’re breathing properly or not for maximum health, consciousness, and spiritual evolution.

Here they are:

1. You experience brain fog - When your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen, it confuses this with fatigue. Your brain then creates adenosine, which causes brain fog by slowing down nerve cell activity.

2. You get slammed by midday fatigue - Our bodies have a rhythm. They were designed to go to sleep not too late in the evening, wake up a little before the sun, and stay fueled with energy throughout the day. If you’re not feeling that surge of energy when the sun’s up, something's off.

3. You’re exhausted when you wake up - After a full night’s sleep, you should feel rejuvenated, alive, and energized. If not, that means something’s interfering with your sleep. It could be your breathing.

4. You have constant anxiety - What happens when you’re faced with a threat? Your breathing gets more frantic, shallow, and your body enters fight or flight mode. The problem is, many people breathe like this all day long, and it keeps the body in a state of panic, and exposes you to consistent anxiety, tension, and frantic living.

5. You have trouble with weight - The panic caused by improper breathing also creates inflammation in the body. When the body is stuffed with inflammation, it releases substances that make the body more insulin resistant. When the body becomes insulin-resistant, the pancreas must release more insulin. This triggers the body to store more fat. Worse, it makes it harder to lose fat. Did you know that there are scientific studies out there now showing you how to burn fat just by changing your breathing?!

So if you fall into any one of the above categories, you may need to work on your breathing.

If you fall into more than one, you definitely need to work on your breathing!

I recommend starting with simple Conscious Breathing. If it can shift my pre-teen daughter when she's in a bad mood, I promise you, it's powerful! 

But if you're serious about improving your health, shedding weight, evolving your consciousness, energizing and revitalizing your body, relieving stress, dissolving anxiety, creating a life you love, and much more, join us in my program starting December 1st.

We'll be going deep into breathwork, inner purification, Kundalini, Kriya Yoga, the chakras, creative meditation, intuition, the sixth sense, and so much more. 

The intention behind the program is to engage in daily practices customized to the individual that launch you into states of freedom and bliss where you can easily integrate things from the past and starting living a life you love. This is about unblocking your energy and creating profound states of health and happiness from within. You'll master your breathing and learn how to break free of anything that's been making you feel stuck.

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In the meantime, keep breathing!