The Four Types of Manifestation

Most people think of manifestation as one thing (which may or may not work). But there are actually four very different types of manifestation:

Type 1: This is the most common category for practitioners of manifestation. Manifestation here is a "spiritual" form of wishful thinking. Common practices include writing things down 111 times and broadcasting intentions to the universe. Results here require a lot of hard work and are inconsistent at best. The underlying assumption in Type 1 manifestation is that the power is somewhere outside of you, and you must convince / cajole / trick the universe into giving you what you want. 

Type 2: Of those that practice type 1, some naturally evolve into type 2. Manifestation here becomes about personal responsibility. You stop giving the power to some magical force outside of you and decide that YOU get to create your reality. By managing your thoughts, feelings, and actions, you can create whatever you believe you can create. Results here are a product of your dedication and effort.

Type 3: While type 2 manifestation is dominated by the ego, type 3 manifestation is about surrendering to the soul. This is a much rarer form of manifestation because it accesses the Unknown. This is the realm of the supernatural, the miraculous, and what you don't know you don't know. 

The ancients yogis learned how to access certain supernatural energy channels that caused the ego's stronghold on your life energies to release. As you access the supernatural energies, you experience a dissolving into the Divine Itself. Manifestation here connects to and is done in harmony with the Soul. Results here are characterized by astonishing and constant synchronicities that seem like magic to the outside observer.

Type 4: The final type of manifestation is an ongoing state of co-creation with the divine. You are beyond struggle, effort, and lack. 

If you're ready for manifestation to be easy, be sure to check out the video here.