Let Go of the Past and Choose To Have A Life You Love

An Introduction to Warrior One and the Four Paths of Power


If you've ever felt stuck in life, this video is for you. Why is it that you can work harder than anyone else, do all the right things, go deep into your inner work, and no matter how much you heal or do, things still stay the same? Despite your hard work, you still seem unable to create the life you want.

The first thing to realize is that there's nothing wrong with you. The Real You is already powerful and free, you're simply taught to operate from a paradigm that is fundamentally broken and designed to keep you from your power.

Most people try and create their lives from 3D consciousness, but 3D consciousness has no power. The real power is with your higher consciousness, the soul. In this video, you'll learn how to awaken to your soul's power to create anything and everything you want in life.

Your soul (or Higher Self) is that part of you that has access to Infinite Possibility. On the Warrior's Path and the other Paths of Power, you'll learn how to access the power of your soul to create a new world for yourself. Warrior One and the other Paths of Power are all bonus experiences being included in the next semester of Mystery School. You can join the 5-week Warrior program at the button below, or reach out to Nagendra if you'd like to apply for Mystery School.

Either way, watch the video on this page and discover for yourself that you really can have any experience of life that you want. In fact, it's just a choice away.

Warrior One