Deep Dive Fundamentals

The Deep Dive Process is a journey into your Truest Self.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were once asked what they believed the single most important word was for achieving success. Both replied, "FOCUS."

In the Deep Dive Fundamentals program, you'll learn how to direct your focus in such a way that it opens up a world of success to you in everything from meditation to spirituality to all of life.

You'll learn how to experience ALL of the benefits of meditation without having to sit in weird and uncomfortable positions.

In a Deep Dive, you'll recognize that anything and everything you want is available to you in This Moment. When you learn to move your mind in a certain way through focus, all possibilities become available.

Peace, healing, abundance, creativity, and joy, are always Right Here, Right Now. You just have to dive in.

You're about to get:

  • The complete 11-part Deep Dive Fundamentals training program ($111 value)
  • A live Deep Dive experience to help you access the full power of gratitude to transform your life ($47 value)
  • A Healing Deep Dive experience into knowing that you are already and have always been Deeply Loved. ($47 value)
  • A new Deep Dive experience every month as part of the Conscious Collective community ($297 value)

For a limited time, the Deep Dive Fundamentals program is being offered BY DONATION. Get full access to the fundamentals program or upgrade to the upcoming Jaguar Medicine event.

What People Are Saying:

I just completed my second dive this morning - I'm still processing. All I have to say is if you're thinking about joining - just DO IT! I am new and had NO idea what to expect - these deep dives are soooo simple yet so incredibly powerful!

Katie R.

$10.00 USD or more

Walk Your Path, Reclaim Your Power, Activate Your Magical Potential

Join our team of Dive Explorers for a full moon deep dive into animal medicine and magic. Now available on-demand, this full moon dive connected us to Jaguar medicine. Jaguar has many lessons to teach around fully stepping into your purpose and power. Jaguar will lead you into embracing your gifts and finding within you everything you need to create anything and everything you want in life. Following the Deep Dive, we had an integration class further exploring how to use this powerful medicine in our daily life and live life as a Warrior.

Join for just $27.