You Don't Have To Get Good At Meditation To Have Peace

Many modern approaches to meditation and spirituality start with the flawed premise that you're not ready to experience places of supreme peace, bliss, or heightened consciousness. They tell you that first, you need to learn to control your mind, have no thoughts, be comfortable sitting in awkward positions for hours on end, achieve visualization mastery, develop one-pointed attention, sense subtle energy, oh, and have no desires. Do all that without desiring any of that and you may or may not find peace, especially if you don't desire it.

The end result of this frustrating approach is that you can spend years getting good at meditation and "getting ready" to find peace, but not actually finding it. Is it any wonder so many people say they don't like to meditate?

But what if instead of spending all that time "getting ready" to experience peace, you just opened up to the experience of peace that's already and always available to us in the present moment? I mean, peace can ONLY be found in the present moment, right?

So why not just dive in?

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