Let's become our highest selves...

and create a world of laughter, light and love

You don't have to do spirituality alone. In fact, you were never meant to. If you're ready to connect with other high-vibe people like you who are deeply committed to creating lives of more peace, purpose, presence, prosperity, and play, you're in the right place.



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We're Reimagining Social Media

What if we could use social media to create authentic connections, build community, inspire others, and help one another grow and evolve as we embrace our purpose more and more each day?

What if we could use the latest technologies to help people get out of their own way and start living life from a place of freedom and joy?

What if we could help people find and live their purpose with ease?

And what if we did all of this inside an ad-free social network?

That's what Earth Keepers is all about.

SANGHA is an ad-free social network that is here to help you break free of the past, find your purpose, and create what's most important to you in your life.

We Are All Connected.

Inside SANGHA, we embrace the spirituality of ONENESS, which recognizes that we are all connected, and we are all in this together. The ego wants you to do your spirituality alone, but the soul longs to be CONNECTED.

You probably already know that surrounding yourself with a community of supportive, high-vibe people will propel your life to a new level, fast. And every month, you'll find new community experiences that do just that. Join us for group meditations, spiritual book club, breathwork sessions, virtual co-working, readings, art nights, Deep Dives, Laughter Yoga, new community-wide classes, and more!

There's always something going on. Come join the party!

FREE: The Purpose Paradigm

Sangha members get complimentary access to this upcoming program. In The Purpose Paradigm, you'll get crystal clear on what your unique purpose on this planet is, and how to use that purpose to unlock a new world of freedom, meaning, and joy.

If you're ready to find your purpose and start living a life of magic today, come join us!

FREE: Deep Dive Fundamentals

For a limited time, we're inviting all Sangha members to go through our Deep Dive Fundamentals training for free. A "Deep Dive" session has been described as meditation on steroids. The kinds of experiences people have on a 10-day vipassana retreat are being had during the first 30 minutes of a Deep Dive session. Learn to experience ALL the benefits of meditation quickly and easily.

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