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Conscious Collective:

Join us for Quests, Flow Club, and an amazing spiritual community.


QUESTS: Spirituality that's simple at heart, freeing, and fun.

Meditation, manifestation, and spirituality don't have to be hard! In fact, effortlessness, is one of the keys that allows the spiritual seeker to truly embody teachings at the deepest level.

Our Quests distill even the most advanced spiritual teachings into easily digestible lessons that focus on your own personal EXPERIENCE over any kind of dogma.

Each Quest is designed as a series of transformational experiences and realizations that happen over a number of days. You can do them anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace. Each month features a new Quest or challenge to unlock a new level of spiritual freedom.

FLOW CLUB: No more procrastination. Become unstoppable. Do the work you're here to do.

Every week, you can join other committed action-takers like you who are ready to make a bigger impact.  Show up to any of our virtual co-working sessions, share your goals, get stuff done, then celebrate. Whatever your projects or goals happen to be, we'll help you get into Flow.

Flow Club is like a group Pomodoro session. It's simple, effective, and it works.

To Evolve Faster, Evolve Together.

One of the most important aspects of the Conscious Collective is that we embrace the spirituality of ONENESS, which recognizes that we are all connected, and we are all in this together. The ego wants you to do your spirituality alone, but the soul longs to be CONNECTED.

You probably already know that surrounding yourself with a community of supportive, high-vibe people will propel your life to a new level, fast. And every month, you'll find new community experiences that do just that. Join us for group meditations, spiritual book club, breathwork sessions, virtual co-working, Tarot Cafe, readings, art nights, Deep Dives, Laughter Yoga, new community-wide Quests, and more!

There's always something going on. Come join the party!


Examples of Past Quests:


simple bliss: meditation that's actually fun. This Quest breaks meditation down into its simplest, purest form and shows you how to create the most blissful meditation experience that's right FOR YOU. Even people who don't like to meditate are LOVING this Quest.

12 Days of Miracles: simple daily practices that will bring more happiness, peace, and miracles into your life. Each day features simple ideas, practices, and meditations that you can do anytime, anywhere that will allow you to truly tap into the magic of the present moment and the Divine Consciousness within.

DEEP DIVE: described as a group meditation on steroids, Deep Dives are super-powerful-but-still-easy rapid awakening experiences that launch you into higher consciousness. We have new Deep Dive experiences every month.

La Folie: if you've ever wanted to break free of the Matrix and become like a kid again, this is for you! La Folie embraces sacred madness and play. Each challenge is wildly liberating and designed to open you up to the magic of life.

What happens during Quests?

Sarah H.

Wow this is so freeing! It’s great because my body has a natural inclination to always be moving. Not feeling like I have to be perfectly calm and still really opens up the experience for me. It’s nice to see meditation be explained in a way that makes it more accessible for those of us who struggle with traditional practices.

Nancy R.

It felt quite amazing to add these simple yet powerful techniques to my meditation this morning. It felt like a light was shining on my face, like I was more open to receive miracles and opening up to the Spirit of God!

Juniper M.

Just completed Simple Bliss and realized that literally anything can be an opportunity to experience pleasure and move into bliss. That life is a walking meditation and we don’t have to sit and zone out for it. We can be fully engaged, it’s all a matter of “what’s in my space and awareness.” 

Alicia B.

🤯 Holy cow this was profound. The most powerful one yet. I can see how this is one of the main keys to break free of the matrix and live a life of bliss 💖🙏

Sylvia M.

Challenge complete! 💜 Putting this into practice today has made me feel peaceful, content and almost whimsical… 

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